Smarter loan origination & risk management.

Reduce loan application and approval times while boosting decision accuracy with a cloud-based loan application & risk management platform powered by machine learning algorithms.

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Nestvested Limited Loan Adjudication Platform.

Building seamless lending processes tailored to the needs of financial institutions across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Experience intuitive CX

Transform your lending architecture from the bottom up for a streamlined customer-centric experience. Powerful AI and a flexible ecosystem offer a major impact while staying connected to the other services and solutions you rely on.

Adopt effortlessly

Our accessible low-code workflow gives you total control without a team of developers. Nestvested is designed to refine your present infrastructure and transition frictionlessly into your future.

Scale on your terms

Our solution scales with you, adapting to changes in customer base, strategy or scope. Wherever the next step takes your business, Nestvested is already there, scaling cost-effectively alongside you.

Access from everywhere

Nestvested offers the power of machine learning with the agility of the cloud — build your global reach by accessing our features from anywhere, always.

See the impact automated-driven lending can make for your organization.

Nestvested Limited Loan Adjudication Platform.

  • Process 560+ applications each minute
  • See up to 40% sales conversion growth
  • Double your operational efficiency
  • Improve decision accuracy by up to 25%
  • Reduce bad debt by up to 35%
Lending and Microfinance

Operating at scale can seems near impossible for most brick and mortar institutions. Nestvested allows you to growth without the need of significant investment

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The difference machine learning and automation can make

Figures are attributable to an SME With less than 8 risk officers, with an operational cost of less than 150k per annum

10K / monthly

Loans processed

Excludes time for reference and employer checks.

15mins / per application

To a complete a application

Time to complete application and receive pre-approval.

10min / per application

Application review

Automated risk management reduces review times up-to 70%.

Digitize your consumer lending journey

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Put Nestvested at the core of your lending architecture to create a customer-centric experience that you fully control. Our partner ecosystem and unique composable approach allow you to connect to independent services and solutions in order to build the differentiated and personalised financial offerings you need to keep up with changing customer and market demands.
Born in the cloud, with a transparent SaaS subscription model, our platform will easily scale with you in numbers or across borders. Costs are closely aligned to value, opening up new possibilities with no heavy upfront investment, vendor lock-in or costly professional service engagements. Digital transformation that’s cost-effective.

Lending driven by the power of automation.

Loan origination, AI aided underwriting, and more – all in one loan application and adjudication platform by Nestvested.

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Bringing you a better return on investment.

Nestvested's suite of lending automation services fully digitizes your lending process, offering a streamlined paperless experience for your customers and the latest in AI to your organization. Our processes reduce the risk of human error while cutting loan approval and credit decisioning turnarounds from days to minutes.

Fraud, custom credit scoring algorithms and automated end-to-end lending processes tailored to your needs are just the beginning — we're ready to personalize Nestvested's features to fit your custom automation and lending needs.

Nestvested Limited Loan Adjucation Platform.

  • 70%
    Faster loan application processing
  • x31
    Estimated return on investment (ROI) over five years

Automated lending driven by AI.

  • Mitigates risk by design
  • Capable of managing hundreds of loan applications
  • Dramatically reduces manual application processing
  • Effortless digital tracking of KYC, submissions, and credit risk

Nestvested's cutting-edge machine learning algorithms handle risk management, loan approval, and other tasks that used to demand time-intensive human labor so you can focus on what's next. Our suite of services doubles your operational efficiency and scales to grow with you as you realize your potential.

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Find out how Nestvested can transform your organization by seeing its impact for yourself. We're ready to give you a personalized demonstration to show you the difference our services can make for your operation.

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