A platform designed to lend smarter. Tailored for the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Nestvested Adjudication Engine, or NAE, offers a holistic loan management platform with the flexibility to handle decisioning, loan portfolio servicing, underwriting, and more within a single integrated solution.

Powered by automation, tailored to you

Nestvested's integrated platform combines a seamless lending process with a powerful set of tools for credit decisioning, risk management and more — all customized to the unique needs of financial institutions in the Caribbean and Latin America


Achieve almost instant lending decisions.

The back-office your employees are going to use is designed for digital paperless lending and requires little to no human involvement on the loan origination stage. Configured by our team to meet every specific requirement of your business. You get exactly the functionality you need, with the fastest time-to-market available for the highest quality solution with the most advanced technology on the market.

Our proprietary machine learning infrastructure is flexible enough for any financial institution's needs, and leverages its power to make credit processing almost instantaneous.

Nestvested Limited Loan Adjudication Platform.

Reduce reliance on external reporting.

NAE's targeted adjudication rules cut out the need for paid third-party reporting — you can focus only on the data that's necessary.

Cut down on manual processing

Nestvested's platform syncs data from multiple sources on its own - there's no need to manually re-key data into the backend.

Configure the credit scoring you need.

With NAE's advanced credit policies and configurable credit scoring, regulatory compliance is simple.

Tailor to fit your needs

You're free to customize your application form to accommodate your business needs, your customers, and relevant external factors.

Streamline your process

The NAE serves as the singular engine of truth for your business, making your credit processing smarter and your operation smoother.

Expand borrower onboarding

A sophisticated digital onboarding system can capture a wide range of borrower documents and credit products with a dynamic form engaging a wider range of customers.

Automate verification

The NAE offers automated ID verification, bank statement verification, traditional credit bureau checks and includes built-in fraud detection rules.

Customize at every stage

Configure your own back-end interface, decision rules, loan statuses, auditing and employee tracking.

Leverage the power of the cloud

Execute your business processes anywhere, anytime from the cloud while retaining 100% ownership of all your data

Manage risk effortlessly

The NAE's built-in risk management tools automatically trigger at signs of bad debt and automate fraud detection powered by AI neural networks.

Smart lending management that integrates with all your tools.

Your third-party tools are a core part of how you do business; Nestvested integrates painlessly with the technology you use in your day-to-day operations.

Nestvested's proprietary AI works seamlessly with the services you already rely on, facilitating an organic upgrade to your current workflow.

Hosting & Storage

The integration with Digital Ocean lets financial institutions access our targeted adjudication engine without losing the cloud computing services.


Integrate with your current cloud computing solution through Google Cloud Services to access our proprietary suite of configurable tools without giving up your server platform.


Nestvested lets you integrate your current cloud computing solution through Amazon Web Services to our powerful platform and suite of configurable tools.


Nestvested integrates with cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure to bring our AI-powered customized lending solutions to your current server host.

Support & Communication

Integrating Intercom allows your organisation to provide live chat support to applicants and help user troubleshoot or answer any question they may have.


Integrating Crisp allows your organisation to provide live chat support to applicants and help user troubleshoot or answer any question they may have.


Integrating with Slack lets you bring Nestvested's suite of features to the co-working solution you already use, letting you share and track business processes in one collaborative space, with rich notifications.

Finance & Loan Managment

Nestvested integrates with Mambu's cloud-based platform through its proprietary API, letting you manage your services to better address new opportunities.


Integration with your loan management system at Loandisk allows for effortless syncing with your client loans, portfolio, reporting and more.

Location Services

Nestvested's Google Maps integration lets your institution easily capture and store borrowers' geolocation coordinates by working with Google Maps' API at the loan application or login points.

Ready to get started?

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