Creating new possibilities for lending institutions

A comprehensive cloud-based loan application and risk management solution that transforms lending with advanced automation and credit scoring powered by machine learning.

Nestvested for institutional lending

Nestvested Limited Loan Adjudication Platform.

  • Reduce risk while ensuring compliance.
  • Automate credit decisions for results in minutes.
  • Streamline operations to save time and labor.
  • Digitize the lending process to manage hundreds of loans per week.

Make compliance simple with Nestvested's integrated lending solution as it automates complex processes and easily adapts to your changing needs. Integrate seamlessly with third party applications and localized data.

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General lending issues addressed by

Nestvested Limited Loan Adjudication Platform.

Data management

Many institutions face the issue of poor data management and retrieval. Nestvested not only automates the review process and collection of data, but keeps all applicants data cenrtalized for easy retrieval and analysis.

Know your customer

The the past decade KYC has become integral not just from a regulatory standpoint, but also provides deep insights into customer behaviour. Nestvested application form is built specifically for each client allowing you to meet all regulatory requirements and capture every data point necessary to provide a customer first product.

Risk management

For small and large institutions the review process can be tedious and time consuming and inconsistent. Nestvested automates the early review process taking the pain and inconsistency out of manual review. Significantly reducing operational cost while increasing efficiency and lead generation. This is made possible by tailored scorecards and recommendation engines, developed with machine learning algorithms.

Operating at scale

Operating at scale can seems near impossible for most brick and mortar institutions. Nestvested allows you to growth without the need of significant investment in technology and personnel providing you with options of a cloud-0based or self hosted solution.

Flexible, powerful loan automation technology.

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Make lending lean and agile

Whether you’re a new lender or an established brand, you’re going to have to fight harder, be better and respond faster to stay ahead. From traditional players to crowdfunders, buy now pay later brands, peer-to-peer platforms and e-wallets (digital wallets). Even telcos and big tech are getting involved.

Advanced lending & credit tools

Work with intelligent credit scoring, see improved adjudication accuracy, and promote faster borrower onboarding and acceptance into your portfolio. Generate recommended interest rates based on the borrower's scorecard.

Control & customization

All scorecards and borrower application forms are tailored for every individual client and product, utilising machine learning algorithms. Reduce risk and operation time while maximizing your control with customized platform tools.

Innovation in the hands
of our customers

When majority of innovation happens outside of your own walls, it’s key that you have the technology, tools and expert ecosystem to grow and succeed.

Powered by automation, streamlined for accuracy and efficiency.

Increase your capabilities and reduce risk with our tailored lending solution. Get automated credit decisions and a single, integrated digital platform.


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